Your journey as a yoga teacher is our journey. Our mission is to educate, inspire and grow the yoga that lives inside of you. We take this commitment seriously, teaching you to see and teach your students (as opposed to simply leading poses) with the skills and confidence required to create greater strength, flexibility and balance in their lives.

Yapana® Yoga Master Intensives: Yapana® (yaa-pa-na, like ahh-sa-na), an Ancient Sanskrit Word Meaning the Support and Extension of Life.Yāpana yoga practice is an innovative blend of vinyasa flow to warm and prepare the body for poses that are held dynamically and restoratively using props for therapeutic support. Developed and presently exclusively by Leeann Carey Yoga, Yapana® practice is easily modified and adapted to meet the individual needs of students at all levels of experience and skill.The seven Yāpana master intensives provide the yoga … Click here to read more
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Teaching Yoga To Beginnings:
Using Props to Deepen your Practice

What You Will Learn:
• Simple assessment tools to identify when to use prop support in standing and seated poses, back bends, twists and forward bends, as well as in cases of hyperextension.
• Common misalignment mistakes in beginners where yoga props can help
• How to address overworked and underworked areas with props. Innovative uses of props like the wall, a chair, a block, belt, bolster, blanket, and sand bag Click here for more information

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