A yoga book to support everybody. Yapana, an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “The support and extension of life.” Leeann Carey’s THE YAPANA WAY presents a unique and insightful refuge from the profound imbalances of the frenzied 21st century lifestyle. Those who consider yoga simply an exercise limit the transformative powers of a complete practice. When one pauses to transcend competition with the self, and others, we embrace the true essence and wisdom of yoga – the development of presence and self-acceptance throughout all aspects of life. Yapana Restorative Yoga Therapy introduces prop-supported BEING and STILL poses that extend and deepen the nature of each experience. Strategic support and extension creates the opportunity to inquire, calm, and accept your practice in a knowledgeable and loving way. Yapana practice dispels the myth that yoga props infer weakness or a lack of skill. Supported poses help you meet your body/mind where you are in any given moment. Rather than impose arbitrary rules of destination and time, you will discover the path to living a more mindful and wholehearted life. This comprehensive illustrated guide to Yapana practice is designed for those who desire to cultivate their “inner” teacher, inspire a home practice, or bring their yoga into a new level of understanding and self awareness.


  • “After working with Leeann I feel very prepared to teach and support yoga students with restorative yoga. I would highly recommend Leeann Carey and her fellow teachers for advancing yoga knowledge, developing a personal practice and feeling more confident with all aspects of teaching yoga and students’ needs. I plan to continue studies with Leeann and learn even more about helping students through the Yapana body of knowledge.” ~ M. W. Harper, D.C.

  • “Having taken additional workshops since completing the Yapana intensives, I realize how fortunate I am to have received the high-level of training that I did from Leeann Carey and the other Yapana mentors. Their training provided tools to help me heal lingering tension and pain from old injuries as well as identify and correct postural misalignments both on and off of the mat.” ~ A. Pedersen – Seattle, WA

  • “After completing Leeann’s Yapana teacher training my private clientele practice has really taken off.  I have the confidence to work with many different bodies and issues bringing balance and healing to people.  This training enhanced all of my teaching styles of Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin.” ~ C. Wallace – Mill Creek, WA”

  • “Yoga’s been a big part of my professional career. I remember when Leeann and I used to work together years ago, and I remember how good I felt back then [practicing yoga]. [To get back on the court] I was doing regular therapy, but I wasn’t feeling great about it when I was done. That’s when I tracked Leeann down, because I Remember how great I felt back then [practicing yoga]. To get back into playing shape without the yoga we were doing together…. I don’t think I would be able to do it.” ~ Luke Walton, World Champion L.A. Laker and Assistant Coach for NBA Team, Golden State Warriors

  • “So incredible. I feel like I got way more than I paid for.”

    ~ R. Perkins, M.S. Exercise Science – Redondo Beach, CA